Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stress and weight managment

I have had a Topsy turvy month one that the details of which i am not so inclined to go into but am more interested in telling you about the effects of taking a diet and exercise out of a carefully balanced life. I've moved and had some very large life changes and that i suppose effected my recient 6 pound gain :( So for the past three days ive kicked up the exersize and abstained from carbs completely and am happy to tell you that ive lost the six i gained and an additional 4 on top of that bringing me just under the 190 mark at 189! A weight i have not been since just after i had my daughter.

From all this ive leared that keeping food that is good for you stocked up all the time is important and making time for te gym or what ever exersize you have at your disposal must be a priority. just because your mind is pre occupied doesnt mean your body stops needing activity and good fuel.

hopefully my updates will be more frequent:) see you soon fellow bloggers

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