Sunday, January 2, 2011

Accidental progress??

So we've finally arrived in Portland to stay. Packed good healthy food for the road trip out and had a great visit with my sister and her family on the way. I was shocked to find a few days after arriving in Portland that the scale reads tat i am in the 180's and while this seemed a perfectly good excuse not to go to the gym perhaps its just the right time to hit it hard while my body is in weight loss mode. Most of my life I've found that stress causes weight gain however as of recent I've been a little stressed and the weight seems to just be melting away. Rather that poke around to figure it out I'll just gladly accept the ease into the 180's ans hopefully straight on down to 140!! ( my Target goal) There are 6 months to summer and my goal is 45 lbs and a stronger more toned body. ( While learning some yummy Tosca Reneo recipes along the way. Ready set SLIM.....

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