Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Patients for progress (Part II)

My frustration at the scale mounted into a drive for a leaner diet and more exercise. I'm sure barging up the side of a mountain and dragging myself up the rapids at the river 25 times helped as well. As of 8-1-08 I was sitting at 215 and it seemed i would need a good push of something to move on from it. I didn't know what to do so i ran a little harder on the mill and ate a little less and wallah. In the last 13 days i have lost 5.75 inches and 5 pounds. Bringing the total since Christmas of 07 to 33 pounds and an amazing 28.25 inches. To which my encouraging mother remarked 28 inches is like a whole waist! Hoping that determination and hard work will provide more results than ever. Health for my self is a great aspiration and the weight loss process seems to only make me healthier with each pound lost, but also i hope to be an encouragement to someone who feels hopeless like there is no hope for change. At one point i had no hope for change and now with each every day that i feel better i know now that a healthy long life is a dream within grasp.

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Emma said...

You are inspirational!