Thursday, August 7, 2008

Testosterone and the scale

So were here in month six and as time wears on i try to remember that a steady strong pace wins races. My husband David is in week three of his own diet and has lost a whopping 27 pounds. I try to be encouraging which i do successfully most days. However i will be the first to admit some days i find my self frustrated that with half as much work he looses in 3 weeks what it took me six months to trim off. My trainers says that estrogen combats the weight loss process in women while testosterone can actually push it along and promote healthy muscle growth at a faster rate than in women. What a bum rap! None the less i am soldiering on!

My diet is good, exercise and toning is great, my results at the scale have come down a bit but results they still are!! i am weighing in today at 214 which is 27 pounds down from my starting weight! I am excitedly coming toward the 200 mark one grueling pound at a time. Were off to the mountains for four days and i am hoping that all the extra activity will trim a pound or two off! We shall see...

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Ivanna said...

Congratulations Jill. It must be so frustrating to see what takes you six months takes your husband only three weeks! But keep it up!!! You look great in those pictures.