Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Patients for progress?

I was thinking today about progress and the way i perceive progress seems to hinder my ability to obtain it sometimes. I want results lots of them, I'm not very patient with some things and then absurdly patient with others. Up till now, I've been loosing about 4 pounds a week and now i am fairing at about 1 pound this week which is half way over. Progress is progress still the same. And i ponder sometimes what i might change to achieve more of the weight loss i am looking for or if that would skew the whole process making me miserable and less likely to stick to my regimen. So i asked my self if i really expected to loose 4 ponds a week until i breezed through my goal? And the answer perhaps is yes because i have some serious faith in my good efforts this time and happen to believe i am certainly on the right track. The speed of things maybe is not something i can control?

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Osanna said...

I love your blog. I'm hoping for a wonderful outcome. Way to make healthy changes. One step at a time!