Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 25,2008

Ive been seeing a personal trainer! And it seems my progress is jumping by leaps!! I'm 26 pounds down since the beginning of this whole crazy journey of health! My blood pressure and resting pulse have gone down and I've built quite the stock of lean muscle. Mia and i have changed to the eat clean diet lifestyle! I know what to eat for the first time ever i know what should fuel my body, and it's good natural unprocessed food!! (Check it out at Its a whole new more natural way of life for us and the results couldn't be better. I am dropping about 4 pounds a week and building strong muscle while also giving my daughter the tools to lead a healthy long life! The benefits are endless. I am down to 217 (pictures of me at 220) fast approaches the under 200 mark. Wish me luck!

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