Saturday, July 26, 2008

I've recently been inspired to keep a blog of my progress of health and weight loss goals. So ta da here is the beginning of it. You'll find pictures of me along the way hopefully showing changes the one on the lest was taken of me 2two months before i started going to the gym. Perhaps i should bring you a bit up to speed, its a sad story but with a bit of determination the right guidance and some important encouragement it should fair to be a happy ending.

I never really knew what to eat perhaps i never asked, and for that matter how much exercise is enough? I was a chunky kid in middle school a little extra around the middle but it wasn't too bad about 150 but only 5'1 maybe. Lots of walking and a bit of sports evened me out. At 16 i was a size 9 comfortable resting at about 145 and 5'5. Healthy active...poor diet, but i didn't know.

I had my little mia at 18. I was admitted to the hospital the day i had her at 210 and 5' heaviest yet. Things evend out a bit after i had my daughter i stayed at about 200 for a while. And then came the gain a few sneaky pound at a time. So you notice when your pants stop fitting and such i would loose a pound or two here and there trying to maintain...still didn't know how to eat.

Fast forward a little bit...i am 21 and its January. i am at the doctors office and i walk back with the nurse she asks me to step on the scale. It reads 243 pounds, i gasp shocked. "oh no she says it weighs heavy" My shoulders drop and i am relieved...for a minute until she says "by 2 pounds. I see my doctor these are the results:

Your overweight
Your blood pressure is very high, have you considered medication
Smoking causes elevated blood pressure, mostly it seems your extra weight is the cause given medical history
Your Hypoglycemic...this is a precursor to diabetes

I cried in the car.

And then i said i wouldnt smoke anymore even a little. A month later I started working out a 7 times a week. The rest follows.

February 10, 2008
In an effort to better who i am inside and out I've been looking to make some changes to my lifestyle and my mom being my mom along with my step dad brought me a gym membership to 24 hr fitness. So in addition to trying to make good fresh choices in my family and my diet a relative rigorous cardio routine has become a part of my evening life. And although now only at 5 lbs of weight loss ( to which i am confidant muscle development plays a part) i feel a great hope for change. Its not about being thin ( although thin is very nice) it is about a new life and a healthy happy body. Wish me luck my fellow bloggers wish

Feb 17, 2008

Feelin like the "biggest looser" :) lost another 7 lbs this week. Hoping to cruise through 7 more!

April 4, 2008

So my quest continues. I got some dental work done and the doc put me on steroids, this didn't fair to well with my weight loss. I gained a few pounds in spite of being faithful to my diet and exercise. Its been a few weeks since I've taken them and I'm right back on track! I also invested in a body bugg that monitors my calories and i log my food and it tallies the difference. Weight loss is simple, move more than you eat and eventually something will happen. I have lost only 11.6 lbs since i started, however a whopping loss of 18.5 inches keeps me soldiering on. Thanks for being my loudest cheerleader mom

Me wearing my new body bugg at 230 lbs


Rosie said...

Right on sista. Keep it up. It is really starting to show

Emma said...

Pretty soon you gonna be a poster girl at the club. I am so proud of you!!