Monday, August 25, 2008

Staying on the wagon

Lifestyle changes are always hard sometimes harder than others but mostly for me it has been a comfort to know that what i am doing is good for me and usually quite tasty. Now more reciently i have found its easier to come up with reasons not to go to the gym and a little sweet is easy to look past right. So I've decided its all or nothing, too far in to go back now and really who would want to. Im staying on the band wagon.

8/27/08 Update:

Measurements down almost another 3 inches and just under the 210 mark at 205. And the totals...drumroll please....38 pounds and 30.75 inches. :) Those were a rough three pounds! Hopfully the next few will slide off a little easier, but i have to say all those missng inches make for a great victory this week!


Anonymous said...

keep going!! if i was there i would do a cheerleader dance for you!!


Emma said...

I can see such a big difference just being away from you for a week! soon its going to be 'goodbye 2's' yay!