Thursday, October 16, 2008

anxiety and an appetite

In years past Ive been known to get unprompted anxiety in the winter maybe its the lack of the sun or all the rain in Portland, or perhaps its just me. I choose not to take medication for this and have found other means and tools to work my way through hard days. In any event with anxiety seems to come a lack of appetite. And while i have been trying to consume a responsible amount of food i fail to get enough most of these past few days. Now while right now this is leading to accelerated weight loss i fear for my new happy metabolism that thrives on 1500 calories a day and at present I'm consuming only about 900. At an astounding 193 pounds I am grateful for such results but at the same time am in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and unintentional food deprivation was not among the approved course of action. Advice anyone?


Rosie said...

Advice: EAT! hehehe and dealing with the anxiety could help

Ivanna said...

It's great if you can handle the anxiety without medication. You could choose really healthy but higher caloric value foods. If you did that each bit would count more.

Osanna said...

Uriah says "Think of foods (healthy ones) that bring you comfort." Then you will be bringing comfort to your anxiety and nourishment to your body. I say, try, really try, to eat each meal with someone else. I know that makes a big difference for many people. Besides, its a great way to share time with others.