Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Muscles and a word to the weary

Me today. One month ago.

Ive been at the gym 7 months now consistently im down 1 more pound this week and i am just starting to show signs of biceps and muscle definition. I am proud of my little muscles and my rather hard strong legs they were hard work to come by and there were moments were i walked back to my car from leaving the gym wishing i could go in this way and come out 2 hours later that way. I kept truckin on and eventually it started to show. Coming from an almost 250 with a 44 percent body fat is a hard place there is so much fat layered over your muscles underneath it seems like they aren't really there at all.

I wanted to find the magic combo that made the pounds fall off and my bikini body ready for the beach. I think instead i found this lifestyle that keeps me energized and on a track to healthy. i wanted to find the formula of sucess and share it with all of you so that we could all be comfortable in the bodies we desire. Instead here are my findings so far that i have to share:

Health is not something to be atained but a lifestyle to learn. much like all the things you learn in school you have to practice a healthy lifestyle and sometimes you still get it wrong from time to time, it doesnt mean you cant do it it just means you have to practice harder. Food, its everywere, you ahve to make choices on what you decided to fuel your body with. KNOW WHATS IN YOUR FOOD. Read labels ask questions eat as much unprocessed food as you can...drink water lots of it. 90% of the weight loss process is driven by what kind of food you eat, keep track of it so you can not just think but know what your eating. And finally live everyone has a day when they need a cookie dont deny your self the treat every now and then.

More reciently ive had friends that are frustrated with their own qwest for health, wellness or weight loss i can say this of my own experience, when your frustrated with results bare through it tweak your diet move around more. Not getting results doesnt feel good but quiting all together feels much worse.

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