Thursday, September 25, 2008

loss and acupreassure

I went to the gym tonight and hopped on the scale not to focused on results but more hoping to maintain my recent lb loss. only to find that not only had i not gained it back but had lost another pound and a half! I'm steady at 201.5 and keeping my fingers crossed for my rather shocking but welcome metabolism boost! On a more intense note i have been having some serious muscle pain in the upper left thigh were i have been growing a considerable amount more of muscle. According to Google and yahoo answers research "growing pains" can occur in an adult when your muscles have a spurt of growth and these "growing pains" can come and go much like my sporadic leg pain has. I have been engaging in muscle acupressure at home for some much needed relief of my sore muscles. Hopefully i will see you again soon with more good news of the 100's!

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